About Us

Welcome to KidiKare!

KidiKare Early Learning Centre specializes in children aged from birth to 12 years. KidiKare's goal is to be a second home for your children, giving the love, support and personal attention to each child that you give in your own home. We also aim to provide care and support for each parent and attain to their needs. KidiKare provides children with opportunities that support all areas of their early childhood education and physical, nutritional, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Our daily programs focus on play-based experiences and activities that encourage each child to reach their full potential. Indoor and outdoor play, individual and small group time, teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, as well as active and quiet periods throughout each day, encourage children to be strong, self-confident and happy individuals with a respect for themselves and others. KidiKare primary goal is to build a HAPPY environment for children to grow.

Our Team