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Sensory Bin Ideas

Remember: Sensory bins don’t have to be messy. Sensory bins don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to set up. Sensory bins don’t need to be anything fancy. It’s all about providing your child with a bin that sparks their imagination and captures their attention. Have fun H is for Horse
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Doll Painting 🎨

Boys and girls are very interested in face/body painting and the role of a face painter. If you have an old doll give it to them and watch what happens to the doll! Invite role play, fine motor skills and creativity into outdoor play with this easy doll face/body painting activity. Play based learning for…
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Nail Polish 💅

If your children love to paint nails , make sure you use a natural, toxic-free nail polish like Piggy Paint that is safe to use. Other nail polishes use chemicals that give off harsh fumes and contain harmful toxins. These aren’t just bad for kids – they’re bad for teens and adults as well.  
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